Our commitments

At Faranshimi, we put patients first…

Faranshimi is committed to developing even better medicines and delivering them to patients in need. By constantly improving our technologies and services, we have worked to enhance the positive impact of our products on patient health.

"our commitment extends beyond our medicines"

At our core, we believe science and compassion must work together to transform lives.
In a world driven by dramatic change, this commitment remains an unshakable feature of faranshimi. Our fundamental tenet is to protect the people we serve. Anchored by this principle, we will continue to deliver and create new value We engage in a broad range of community outreach to give back, lift up, and inspire future generations. And, we strive to provide the education and support patients and their caregivers need.

Health. Safety and Environment

FaranShimi is committed to providing a high level of environmental performance and to protecting the health and safety to our employees customers and the community throughout our business activities. We want our customers to be confident that by working with us they will not only receive a high quality product. But their own reputation will be upheld in the process. We ensure this through our own policies and accreditation and the requirement we expect of our own suppliers