Partnership Model

Joint Venture:

Establishment of a new entity in an agreed region by both parties’ contributing equity with the aim of Quick market penetration & Increment of profit by Decrement of risks. This model is one of the most powerful tools for being successful in today's competitive business atmosphere. Even the joint venture can create a separate business entity, to which the owners contribute assets, have equity, and agree on how this entity may be managed. The new entity may be a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership. Main advantages of this model is capturing an eye-catching market share along with income through leveraging the market by using abilities & relationships of the host company from the first entrance stage with the lowest risk & cost.

Strategic Alliance:

Setting up a formal relationship & cooperation between two parties to meet a critical business need & make a synergy with maintaining both parties’ independency. Each partner hopes that the benefits from the alliance will be greater than those from individual efforts. Main characteristics:
• High level of transparency between partners
• Common long-term strategy and goals
• Pooling/sharing ideas
• Increased business opportunities and reach
• Greater service capabilities, focus on adding value
• Executive and senior management exchange

Franchise & licensing :

1) License-In

Under license manufacturing of specific drugs’ dossiers with the aim of own portfolio enhancement. Faran Shimi Pharmaceutical Co. is seeking to rapidly expand its product portfolio in the Iran & Region market. And in this regard, we will consider in-licensing or any other partnering opportunities. Therapeutic categories of primary interest include Addiction Treatment, pain management, Bio-Similar Medictions, although we will consider other opportunities outside of these mentioned areas.

2) License-Out

Granting own developed dossiers Faran Shimi Pharmaceutical Co. is working to expand its global strategic marketing partnerships for products developed-in house. In this regard, we are ready to grant our Know-How, Experts & Expertise.


Distribution Agreement:

Mutual Co-operation in regard with Sales & Distribution of parties’ products in order to market expansion. With reference to our effective relationships in Iran market & also strong & vast distribution fleet & network all over Iran which is providing excellent geographic coverage, we are ready to make a distribution contract with well-known international companies with an interesting & valuable portfolio. Vice-versa, we are looking for a strong international distributor or wholesaler who is authorized for working on specific & Narcotic products.

Contract Manufacturing:

Manufacturing in own sites on the basis of contract specific requirements. When you choose us for Contract Manufacturing, you get so much more than a typical CMO engagement. Through the partnership, you gain integrated access to scientific expertise, High quality & Unrivaled rates.