Eighteen years on, what has stayed with us is the same entrepreneurial spirit, culture of creativity & innovation and we pride in belonging to an industry which makes a difference in the lives of people. Today, we are a fully integrated pharmaceutical company with an unrivaled position in Iran. This position is built on a backbone of cutting-edge research, world-class manufacturing facilities, and a truly global supply chain. With these building blocks in place, the future looks brighter than it has ever been.

Finished Dosage Forms

Faran Shimi pharmaceutical company is precursor of narcotics production in Iran. Faran Shimi manufactures a variety of tablets, syrups and solution such as oxycodone, methadone and etc. Our FDF manufacturing capabilities include:
• Solids (sublingual tablets, film coated tablets, extended release and immediate tablets)
• Solution
• Syrup
Our goal is manufacturing of different FDFs with high quality and development of more new generic drug dossiers in every year.