Faranshimi has been engaged in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing for over 17 years and, combined with our development and supply services, we have the facilities and expertise to take an API from pre-clinical through to commercial scale manufacture.

All of our APIs both generic and proprietary are manufactured according to GMP and appropriate regulatory frameworks. Our focus on operational excellence and continuous improvement ensure our processes are efficient and effective.


We believe in a culture of continuous improvement

As a market leader, we focus on pushing the capabilities of our industry forward, while sharing the benefits with all of our stakeholders and partners. • highly-skilled staff
• reduction of manufacturing process cycle times, delivering an increased output
• increase in production yields
• reduction in the cost of manufacture
• standardized turnaround times
Our capabilities include a wide range of reactors and isolation and drying technologies to enable api production on a scale from grams to multi-kilo, supported by comprehensive analytical services and expertise in all the chemistries you expect, as well as many innovative technologies. our objective is to be a reliable partner for supply of high-quality api via a seamless, scalable process that will rapidly achieve your goals at each stage of development, process validation and commercial supply to ensure your future success.

Our key capabilities as active pharmaceutical ingredient suppliers manufacturing

• Our GMP manufacturing plant at Tuyserkan dedicated to API commercial-scale production
• License for controlled drug production and facilities for the manufacture and handling of highly potent drug classes active pharmatutical ingredient (API) development

We supply the following generic products worldwide

High-quality APIs and intermediates are made in the same facilities, and to the same stringent standards, as our custom manufacturing projects. These are common building blocks for pharmaceuticals made with an uncommon level of precision.
Companies that understand the difference between price and value know that pharmaceuticals will only be as good as their chemical components. Rather than exposing your project to the risks of commoditized materials, sourced from a reputable and trusted partner. Whether you need a kilo for an in-house project or metric tons for a commercial project, with us, you can rely upon this portfolio of APIs and intermediates to make your products their best, and simplify your supply chain.

15 years of generic API manufacturing experience

FaranShimi provides an extensive range of APIs. Our products cover a wide range of therapeutics classes, such as: Analgesic, Narcotics, Antitussive, Opioid Antagonist and Endothelin Receptor Antagonist.
Drug classification Description CAS No. Formula Standard
Narcotic Buprenorphine Base 52485-79-7 C29H41NO4 BP
Narcotic Buprenorphine HCl 53152-21-9 C29H41NO4.HCL BP
Narcotic Codeine Phosphate 52-28-8 C18H21NO3.H3PO4.1/2H2O BP/USP
Narcotic Codeine Sulfate 1420-53-7 C18H23NO7S USP
Narcotic Methadone Base 76-99-3 C21H27NO In House
Narcotic Methadone HCl 1095-90-5 C21H27NO.HCL BP
Narcotic Morphine HCl 52-26-6 C17H20 ClNO3 BP
Narcotic Morphine Sulfate 64-31-3 C34H40N2O10 S BP
Narcotic Morphine Tartrate 302-31-8 C38H44N2O12 In House
Narcotic Opium Tincture 57-27-2 (Morphine) C17H19NO3 BP/USP
Narcotic Oxycodone Base 76-42-6 C18H21NO4 In house
Narcotic Oxycodone HCl 124-90-3 C18H22ClNO4 BP
Drug classification Description CAS No. Formula Standard
Non- narcotic Bosentan Monohydrate 157212-55-0 C27H31N5O7 S USP
Non- narcotic Naloxone HCl 357-08-4 C19H22No4Cl BP
Non- narcotic Noscapine Base 128-62-1 C22H23NO7 BP/USP
Non- narcotic Noscapine HCl 912-60-7 C22H24NO7 Cl USP
Non- narcotic Papaverine Base 58-74-2 C20H21NO4 In House
Non- narcotic Papaverine HCl 61-25-6 C20H22 ClNO4 BP
Non- narcotic
Antidiabetic Agents
Phosphate Monohydrate
654671-77-9 C16H20F6N5O6P BP
Non- narcotic
Antidiabetic Agents
Empagliflozin 864070-44-0 C23H27CIO7 BP
Non- narcotic
Antidiabetic Agents
Linagliptin 668270-12-0 C25H28N8O2 In House
Non- narcotic
Apixaban 503612-47-3 C25H25N5O4 In House
Non- narcotic
Pantoprazole Sodium 138786-67-1 C16H14F2N3NaO4S BP