Duralife saffron


Duralife saffron _manufactured by Faran Shimi Pharmaceutical Company_ is supplied in 30 mg High quality saffron extract. 30 capsules are packed in one bottle and the bottle is packaged in one box with a leaflet.


It is used for antidepressant effects, energy booster, mood and memory improvement, maintain eye health, and aphrodisiac properties.
Studies Shown, saffron supplements were significantly more effective than placebos at treating symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression6. Taking 30 mg of
saffron daily was just as effective as Fluoxetine, Imipramine, and Citalopram — conventional treatments for depression. Additionally, fewer people experienced
side effects from saffron compared to other treatments. In vitro and in vivo preclinical studies demonstrated efficacy of saffron in attenuating cognitive
impairment in animal models of AD. In particular, crocin appears to be multifunctional in brain cell-protection because it is capable of regulating glutamate levels,
reducing oxidative stress, modulating Aβ and tau protein aggregation and improving cognitive impairment12.
The results of studies suggest that saffron may be beneficial to improve cognitive function in patients with AD.

Important Information


Prescribe 30-60mg (One or two Capsules) daily
Dosage adjustments: no dosage adjustment necessary


Administer one or two tablets daily, with the main meal and a full glass of water.

Major Interactions (Risk D)

There is no major interaction between Dura life saffron and other drugs.


The studies are not adequate about saffron in pregnancy.
Saffron crosses the placenta and it has not been recommended in pregnancy.


Saffron is present in breast milk. More studies are needed about administration in breast-feeding. It has not been recommended in breast-feeding.

Contraindications & Cautions


• Hypersensitivity to Dura life saffron or any component of the formulation.
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding


• Bipolar disorder: use with caution in patient with bipolar disorder
• Diabetes: Saffron might affect blood sugar levels and cause hypoglycemia, use with caution in diabetic patient.
• Stop taking saffron at least two weeks before scheduled surgery. Avoid prescribing more than the recommended amount.

Side Effects

Saffron is likely safe in recommended dose, nausea, vomiting, Headache and allergic reactions can occur in some people.